Wednesday, September 05, 2007

dressy me

you know, i suddenly realise that in this year, my 34th one on this planet, i finally seem to have come upon my personal style! honestly. throughout my growing up years, i had a style true - this has later been defined by fashion as grunge, but at the time, it was mainly jeans, preferably not washed for at least a month, and a baggy heavy metal tee-shirt, topped off with some kind of shapeless bag.... of course when i started work as a lawyer, my friends convinced me that perhaps this was not the look to aim for, so then i sort of just drifted into whatever corporate look the fashion world decreed and my friends told me to buy, while after work, my grunge look continued...

i have to say that in my first year as a lawyer, i would consistenly get shocked when people described me, as "that sexy girl with the short short skirts"... honestly, i could never figure it out.

this makes me want to cry now of course, because until i became pregnant, i had what i belatedly now realise to be,a fantastic figure... not only was i thin, i had some innate ability to eat anything at all and not put on an ounce. of course i also had a size 34B chest, but you know - that's not really a bad thing. now that i have boobs, i realise clothes were never designed for breasts... my shirts are always popping at the middle button now, which never happened to me before... and i think of all those years and years of baggy tees, when i could have been flaunting it with baby tees and spaghetti straps like the girls nowadays... so sad.

so anyway then i got pregnant, wore maternity clothes, and then did all the same things again but somehow on a larger scale after gitanjali was born.

but suddenly now, 34 years later, i realise, that i love wearing dresses. really . dresses. me, ms. heavy metal. and not those shift corporate things either that you sling a jacket over to take you from work to dinner. no.

i love the flirty dresses, with the swish swish skirts that are suddenly everywhere. i love them... and i look good in them. now i know what hips are for. so that your dress can swirl out from your waist and fall and go swish swish. love them love them love them.


i'm going to go get another one tomorrow. just thought you'd like to know that.