Thursday, June 21, 2007

Latest gitanjalisms

Scene 1

A friend of my husband asked Gitanjali the other day,

"Hello. Are you a genius?"

whereupon, G looked up at her and said,

"No, no. I'm a Hindu"


Scene 2

Her teacher had been reprimanding G about something when G told her (with her hands on her hips),

"Don't Talk"

Teacher (very shocked): "Sorry?"

G(smiling): "Yes... I'm proud of you"

(Note: apparently the teacher had been practising this in school. Anytime a child apologised voluntarily, the teacher would tell the child that she was proud of him/ her...)


So funny no? i just rolled around laughing... if i ever go out of business as a lawyer, i could just sell her stories as comedy material!

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