Thursday, June 21, 2007

G + A

You know, sometimes, when i see these 2 together, i get a pang of jealousy that i never had a friend like that when i was growing up... they have so much fun together. When G was younger, their sessions together were rather torturous, as somehow she would have caused A to cry at least 3 times in one play session. She's more of a rowdy, compared to A who's more of a demure miss.

However, they (or rather G) seem to have grown out of it, and now they play and conspire together. The other day, Sham and i left them to their devices, to have a good chat... when we went to check on them, they had somehow managed to turn G's room upside down. Every single thing in that room, including her books (which at last count was slightly more than 100) was on the floor! Doesn't sound like a good thing, but the thing was they turned it upside down together, and had so much fun doing it, that though they went to bed without a bedtime story, secretly i was glad. You're supposed to get into trouble with your friends, no? Reminds me of the other time when Sham and i had a long catch up chat (which we don't get to do much, b'cos we're usually so busy managing the kids) - when we checked on them, they had taken the bicycle to the bathroom, used up all the tissue and toilet paper in the house to allegedly clean the bicycle (wet tissue and toilet paper all over the floor), "washed" the bathroom floor with fabric softener, and were busy scrubbing the bicycle with the maid's toothbrush!!! All this done very quietly in the space of maybe 10 minutes!!! and it's not like Sham and i had left them somewhere else. We were sitting in the hall, and all this took place in the hall bathroom! can you imagine? it was so wrong, but so hilarious... the expressions on their faces when we caught them was priceless!!!! again, we hustled them off to bed without books, then secretly called each other the next day and laughed and laughed about it..

During the school holidays, Sham and i gave them facials even! unfortunately they ate the cucumber slices that were meant for their eyes... we also let them play in the rain, one afternoon - though not very succesfully, i have to say. being very cool kids, they kept grumbling, but my face is getting wet... my clothes are also getting wet. the first time i said go ahead, you can jump in that puddle just for today, they both hesitated and said, but it looks dirty, and my shoes may get messed up!!! kids today!

i just pray that they'll be good friends like that always... and that someday their friendship is what sham and i have, a warm comforting thing, full of love, laughter and fun, where they can be exactly who they are, without any pretensions - a shoulder to cry on when you are sad, and a co-conspirator and aider and abetter in all crime, someone to check whether your lipstick is on your teeth, and to borrow accesories from to match that saree (or saree from to match that accessory), a person that their husbands will be jealous of, and a person to hold their hand, when they are screaming in labour pain (though hopefully i will still be alive then, and tell them to take that epidural...) - so precious and so wonderful...

Latest gitanjalisms

Scene 1

A friend of my husband asked Gitanjali the other day,

"Hello. Are you a genius?"

whereupon, G looked up at her and said,

"No, no. I'm a Hindu"


Scene 2

Her teacher had been reprimanding G about something when G told her (with her hands on her hips),

"Don't Talk"

Teacher (very shocked): "Sorry?"

G(smiling): "Yes... I'm proud of you"

(Note: apparently the teacher had been practising this in school. Anytime a child apologised voluntarily, the teacher would tell the child that she was proud of him/ her...)


So funny no? i just rolled around laughing... if i ever go out of business as a lawyer, i could just sell her stories as comedy material!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

zoo books

ok, follow up post to the zoo post. in case you were wondering, here are some of the zoo books we've been reading:

1. Edwina the Emu, our absolute Favourite. so hilarious.

2. edward the emu, our second favourite.

3. rumble in the jungle by Giles Andreae. Currently Gitanjali's favourite - she loves to count the ants that appear on each page... not set in the zoo

4. the mixed-up chameleon by eric carle

5. madeline by ludwig bemelmans(although not set in the zoo, madeline says she's not afraid of the lion in the zoo)

6. put me in the zoo by robert lopshire

we went to the zoo

yes we did. during the last school holidays, shamira and i took gitanjali and alysha to the zoo. For some reason, i've always had a very negative impression of the zoo. All those poor animals locked up in cages, malnourished and ill treated, chomping on cigarette butts.

But Gitanjali and Alysha have been reading a number of books recently, which are all set in the zoo, so i thought, let's just do it once, and get it out of the way... It was like planning a trip to the dentist. i had visions of a blazing day, crowds, tired kids, and sad animals... and Sham nearly cancelled at the last minute because she had heard bad reviews of the zoo

Boy! were we agreeably suprised!. The Malaysian Zoo is not at all what i thought it would be. The animals aren't in cages! Except for the monkeys and chimpanzees (which obviously would have to be in cages so that they are not actually molesting people or staging daring escapes), the rest of the animals are in large airy enclosures... The Giraffes, and Zebras are actually in this huge savannah like field where they can run around.

the kids were thrilled to see emus at the zoo, because they are in love with Edward the Emu and Edwina the Emu (both hilarious picture books about these two emus at the zoo...). They kept walking around saying, so many edwards and edwinas, and kept calling them, edward! edwina!...

Inexplicably both of them fell in love with this mousedeer (which in hindsight was probably not a mousedeer at all, but some kind of smallish deer), and refused to leave the deer enclosure.

There was a tiger that kept padding around, and then leaping into the water for a swim, and a leopard that paced up and down endlessly. Gitanjali looked at the leopard and said, "i know, it is thinking, how to eat us all up!" On hindsight, i guess that was probably exactly what that leopard was thinking...

We had fun, fun, fun - even Sham and i. We loved everything, but my favourite was the giraffes. There are trams running all day long, so there's hardly any sweat involved. you can walk and view as many animals as you want to then hop on to a tram to the next exhibit. There's a couple of lakes, and one was teeming with bright pink flamingos and all sorts of water birds. We saw pelicans! and wallabies! and giraffes! and elephants! and monkeys, chimpanzees, parrots, goats, mice (!),deer (in all shapes and sizes, hippos mooching in the mud and rhinos... Fun, fun, fun.

We have decided that it shall be a compulsory trip every school holiday. Sham and i also subsequently discovered that both our husbands had been jealous that they had not been invited for the trip, so it looks like we'll have to take them along sometime...