Friday, April 27, 2007

The Sun!

Guess what? apparently apart from being 95% wonderwoman and 100% supergirl, i am also the Sun... A reading of the characteristics of the Sun has made me think that perhaps i am more the Sun than Wonderwoman... What do you think?

You are The Sun

Happiness, Content, Joy.

The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent.

Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way.

The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon's Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Memories of 18

i just got tagged by Manju to tell you the songs i was listening to the year i turned 18. it's supposed to be a simple tag - you're supposed to go to the popculture site, find the songs the year you turned 18, make a list and say how these songs affected you then... so off i went to the popculture site, and guess what most of those songs in 1991 made me sick - what a spectacularly boring year... now if it had been 1983 or 1984, then we could sit down and talk all night, but 1991 was the year of horror apparently according to popculture... i'm also pretty much a heavy metal babe, so i very clearly remember that the album of my choice in 1991 was the sabbath stones by black sabbath. i was very into metallica and iron maiden as well, so i got to confess that Bryan Adams (that horrible horrible song about seeing his unborn children in your eyes, yuck yuck yuck... it was on all the time i remember... even thinking about this awful song is creeping me out... what kind of weirdo sees unborn children in his lovers eyes?) and Mariah Carey didn't do it for me.

then i went and looked properly and realised that 1991 was the year slayer came out with War Ensemble, which is like the song for me... i can't explain this song to you. you have to hear it blasting from your speakers, and the lead singer would scream "Waaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr! Ensemble!" If i had an anthem, this would be it.... The best and cheapest stress buster in town... Waaaarrrrrrr!

REM came out with their Losing My Religion album in 1991... and that song and the whole album so touched me, so so much. i still love this song so much. Turns out, in 1991 i also listened to

3. under the bridge by red hot chilli peppers (which remains till today, one of my favourite favourite songs)
4. the unforgiven by metallica
5. I Wanna Sex You Up, Color Me Badd
6. Gonna Make You Sweat, C+C Music Factory
7. More than words by Extreme (remember this song? used to sing it all the time)
8. Hey Stoopid by Alice Cooper
9. November Rain by Guns and Roses
10. Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn.

The year i turned 18 is very vivid in my memory - it was the year i got my spm results. it was the year i started my diploma in law. i was a paradox - on the outside i was this indian girl with long long hair, and on the inside i was this metal chick ... so lots of people had a very different perception of me, that were to say the least, completely inaccurate...

before the spm results came out, during the holidays, my friend suga (from penang) came and spent a month in my place in kl. we hung out all day, went shopping and did all sorts of freaky things. we would go to shopping complexes in bukit bintang, and pretend that we were down from the usa with with our rich daddy - suga made me try on all the expensive outfits, and we got the best treatment from the snobby salesgirls because of our uppity (fake) accents! we always made the salesgirls drool by picking up hugely expensive things at random and saying, "yeah, i think we'll take this as well" we went skating at this rink in bukit bintang, flirted with all sorts of guys there, who were eating out of our hands, and did all sorts of crazy teenage girl things...

when i got my spm results, my parents decided to enrol me in the diploma in law course in Help, and here i am, today... of course out of all my coursemates at help, the only one i keep in touch with is my friend, simone... don't know what the rest of them are doing...

i remember the year for the fact that i shared an amazing closeness with my two younger brothers... my taste in music is largely due to our shared influences during that time. while others hung out with their friends, i could just hang out with my brothers at home... we cooked, we blasted the music, we bitched about our mutual relatives... we were cool... we had so much fun...

its sad because we don't get to hang out so much any more. marriage. kids. work. different residences. these things have separated us, but you know, i know that they're there. they know i'm here. its just that we stopped being wild together... perhaps we have stopped being wild... and perhaps that's a necessary part of growing up - but its still a little sad... its like that guy said in that song of 1991 - a thing that made you go hmmm (remember this song C+C music factory - things that make you go hmmm)...

that year was also the year that i became aware that i had an effect on men... but i was not to realise my full powers until the year i turned 20... and i think this delayed realisation was because i went into that diploma program. you see the program, was for 6 months only, and immediately after that i joined the degree class - at 18 1/2, i was the youngest in that degree class. no one treated me like an equal because everyone was at least 2 years older than me ( and when you're 20, i guess, an 18 year old is a baby). - so my classmates treated me like a kid, and well, they treated me like a pet - and not the goddess i eventually turned out to be...

i won't complain because i had lots of fun - i met lots of wonderful people including jeff and shamira, some of whom changed my life and who i am today. until today, jeff shakes his head when he recalls me at 18 - long hair in a plait. pottu (bindi - a mark hindu women wear traditionally) a grungy bag. heavy metal t-shirt, jeans and singing a song from the sabbath stones. head banging....

so overall, i would have to say it was a good year for me ;)

i think i would also have to thank manju for sending me on this journey down memory lane.. guess i won't get you for tagging me after all, my dear.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lists: My Ten Favourite Gitanjali-isms

This photo is really a defining one for gitanjali, because really, she's sort of an undercover devil... she looks all angelic but the trident is making you wonder isn't it? I took her for a birthday party the other day, and she was in this beautiful white lengha (long skirt suit) with ribbons in her hair, and pearls, and everyone who came in to the party would exclaim, "she looks like an angel!"... and then she proceeded to terrorise all the kids... so anyway here are some of my favourite Gitanjali-isms for you...

1. one morning, when she was about 2 years old, she wandered into the bathroom for her shower, and noticed that her dad had left his minyak cap kapak (some kind of ointment which derek is addicted to. if you don't know it - it has a sort of sharp stinging smell, and you sniff it or rub it on your temples to allegedly help ease headaches or stuffy noses. However i know a great many people who are addicted to it, my husband being one) in the soap dish. she got so upset, put her hands on her hips, and said (very sternly): "look at this mama. he left it here again. i am socked and dis-pointed.... are you socked and dis-pointed? i am very upset"

2. she was carrying her handbag and asked me to carry her books for her. when i told her to carry them herself, she looked at me and said with her hands in the air "but how can i carry it? i am only a child. I am not Muruga ! (a Hindu God, and our personal diety)"

3. my parents are constantly dumb-founded by the things she comes up with. one evening while out in the garden with my mum, she said to my mum, "Paati (grandma), look!" and my mom looked at the garden and said "what is it?" and Gitanjali apparently went, "look at the plants and the flowers. they're so beautiful! how did it happen?"

4. i'm constantly trying to correct her behaviour, especially her temper tantrums, and her abusive behaviour to other kids... one day, she told me, "mama, you are Alysha, and i am Sham maasi, ok?" and she goes "Alysha darling, don't play with Gitanjali ok. She is a very naughty girl, always snatching things and hitting you..." LOL! it was a bit shocking really, because you don't think a 3 year old would be able to look at herself from the outside...

5. she was on the toilet while all this was going on, and having so much fun (with the role play) that she was there for what seemed like hours... so at some point i got impatient (which i am a lot with her, although i am trying to be better) and started yelling at her to finish already, at which point, she says to me, "Darling, if you get angry, or lose your temper, you cannot shout. You must take a piece of paper and scribble on it, and show me how you feel, ok? i Looooove you. Come, come, i will give you a kiss..." (even as i type this, i am laughing at the very patient intonation in her voice, as she gave me this piece of sage advice that i am constantly dishing out to her... LOL) Trust me, it was hysterical!

6. she's got a desk and 2 chairs in her cubicle in my office, with a telephone, and a pc (but at the time when this incident happened, she hadn't got her pc yet...). sometime last year (probably just after her 3rd birthday, she was in the office - school holidays or something. she generally plays on her own, so i don't really see what she's up to. this is as safe as it gets, you know? she's really comfortable with everyone here. well anyway, pramo, our chambering student was with us then, and they were both doing something together. i went off to meet a client - came back from my meeting and found that my little madam had moved her table to pramo's cubicle, set up all her stationary and phone there, literally squeezed pramo to a corner and then told her "you sit over there. don't disturb me ok? i am very busy" and gone to work scribbling on her pieces of paper!

7. i will never forget the day, when i asked her, "how are you feeling darling?" and her response was, "i'm feeling frustrated mummy!" . She started this after we got that book, The Way you Feel, but on and off, she does come and say, she's feeling frustrated... she usually has a reason as well, but its usually something like, "i'm frustrated because i want to get that sweet"....

8. My office is on the 1st floor. i usually park my car on the main road and pass the downstairs mamak coffeeshop on the way up. everyone in the shop knows her. actually, i guess everyone on this street knows her. Anyway, my associates in this office (if you read my office blog, you would know that its very much a place where we eat) have trained my daughter in several bad habits. any time she is here, she gets to go down to this coffeeshop or the convenience shop in the petrol station for some kind of goody. usually at the coffeeshop downstairs, she gets to buy a bun from the bread stand (which is right by the entrance)... One day, i get her down from the car, and walk with her to my office. As she approached the bread stand, she turned and looked at fatty (the manager of the coffeeshop who mans the cash counter), then ran to the bread stand, snatched a bun and ran off to the office! Criminal behaviour! in broad daylight! Clearly with Intent to commit a felony!!! at 3 years old! Dear, dear, dear. it makes me think of what they say, "you only find on the ladle, what there is in the pot..." (an old tamil saying - "satiyile irrukurathuthan appayile varum" i.e. the child being the ladle and the pot being the parent - not that i was ever guilty of criminal behaviour at 3 years old mind you... or even now... or anywhere in between either, so don't go there)

9. as i was walking her to her class one morning, 2 other kids came up. the little boy started whispering to his sister, and after a pause, she came up to me and said "She (pointing a finger at gitanjali) beat my brother yesterday." you must understand that i am not a confrontational person at all - i don't quarrel with people generally, and this was early in the morning, probably not even 9 yet, and i hadn't had any coffee, and you know, this kid was like 6 years old or so - i really wasn't expecting a fight early in the morning you see - so i said, to her, somewhat lamely, "oh dear. did she? what did the teacher say?" really pathetic i know, but i am not a morning person, and she was truly 6 years old, its like being attacked by a, i don't know, something small and furry and cute, by a hamster or something... aiyah! i don't know. don't judge me, ok...

anyway, so i sort of avoid looking at this kid, and as i hand over gitanjali to her teacher, i ask her, "did she beat anyone yesterday?". The teacher looks at me in surprise and says, no, she didn't beat anyone. so then i point out the hamster's brother, and the teacher goes "Ohh him. No she didn't beat him. She bit him yesterday. She took his hand and chomped it like this!"

Of course she then went on to explain that said brutality had come about because he had been bullying Tishia (Gitanjali's favourite in class, who has Down's Syndrome), but i have to admit i had to go and have some serious coffee after that...

10. last week she went and told everyone in my office, and i mean, everyone, "you know, my vulva is red today? that's why, its... itchy!"

Lists: My Ten Favourite Books

In no particular order are:

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by JRR Tolkien (because seriously how can you trump this book? the inventiveness, the detail, the imagination, the romance, the characters, the landscape, the vision... i could go on and on, but yet fail to accurately tell you why this is such a wonderful book. i really think that everyone should re-read this book, at least once a year... if you've never even read it once purely on the flimsy grounds that a. it is too wordy b. it is too descriptive or c. you don't read sci-fi, then all i can say is, woe be to you! it's like saying you don't eat chocolates because unwrapping them is such a bore. don't be like that - go read it)

2. One hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (brilliant)

3. The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

4. Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie

5. All of Terry Pratchett's books, but if you asked me to specify just one, then - Reaperman

6. The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (i love Mr. Twain dearly, but i think this was his masterpiece)

7. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

8. Catch-22 Joseph Heller (so hilarious and yet, so sad)

9. pride and prejudice by jane austen

10. Leave it to Psmith by pg wodehouse (i adore all of wodehouse, but this one is my personal fav)

10A. Cheaper by the Dozen (Frank & Ernestine Gilbreth - this book is out of print as far as i know, but is the most wonderful book. it is truly a comfort book. one i read when i need cheering up.. hence had to add it to my list as 10A.)