Monday, February 26, 2007

Being 34

You know, for the longest time, i was 26. Every year, i celebrated the anniversary of my 26th birthday. But then Gitanjali came along when i turned 30, and it was a little bit difficult to ignore that fact. So anyway, i'm 34.

And 34 has meant the following:

1. under eye cream. Ye Gods! i am old to need this, but i do. i actually have actual lines under my actual eyes. Although the other day, a door to door surveyer turned up at my place, and asked me whether my mother was in. When i (being a bit blur as usual) said no, she wasn't in, he wanted to speak to some other adult on the premises, so either this guy was a mind reader who knew that mentally i'm about 16, or i just look 16 despite the actual lines under my actual eyes... or he was visually challenged (which he was not, since he was able to write the answers i gave him (obviously after all that i had to entertain him and asnwer his questions...)

2. i have PMS. AAaaaarggghh!!! it just suddenly turned up. i never had it, and now i do. Every month for about 2 days, i get all melancholy. i'm down and it feels like the world is collapsing, and i have to cry and cry for every small thing. Horrible. I think i only realised it because its so unlike me to be depressed, and i was so down this month just before i got my menses. Strange that age can do that to you, but there you are.

3. I am slighly obsessive compulsive (OC). Really. and i've just realised this. When i say i'm OC, i mean that when i'm doing something, i can't stop and do something else. Don't get me wrong. i'm the Queen of Multi Tasking. I can sit in a trial, and sms at the same time. i read a submission, answer the phone, and give an opinion to one of my associates at the same time as i'm having lunch. Multi Task is what i do best. But let's say i'm soaping the dishes, and you ring my doorbell, i will be unable to rinse off and answer the door. i have to finish soaping the dishes, rinse my hand, then answer the door.

The other day, Sham, inarah and alysha had dropped by for a visit. The kids were playing, and had dropped crumbs all over. i was sweeping up, when Gitanjali ran and fell. My hands were dirty, and Sham was nearest, so she was consoling G. i had to wash my hand before i went to G, and even then, as i approached G, i noticed some crumbs on the floor. i had to stop, pick up the crumbs and only then could i go to my daughter, who was wailing away in pain! Psychotic of me, but its things like this that have made me realise i am OC. it's not only to do with cleaning either. Lots of other things have me obsessing. Too many to list now, but anyway, 34 has done this to me...

Strange but True

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Anonymous said...

thanks for your entry. i needed to read it...just turned 34 last week and having quite a time of it.