Wednesday, January 24, 2007

xina and derek

i finished a year in provence. it was as delightful as i thought it would be. really felt as though i had popped into provence for a bit. v. good.

it's really quiet in the office today. just derek, esther the new receptionist and me.

By the way, i may have forgotten to mention that my husband has been renamed as derek by Gitanjali, who is no longer gitanjali at all, but Xina. Lol!

She told me, as i was getting her ready one day that her name was Princess Josephina. She asked me for my name, and voila! i am now princess esmeralda. she then announced that her papa was derek. so i asked her, "is he a prince, baby?"

And the answer?

"no mama. He's just Derek. He doesn't have a crown or anything... he's just derek. Derek! Derek! come here Derek! Derek!" (needless to say she has a crown. it is pink and furry and sort of hairbandy, that her nut of a godfather, kumar, bought for her at some ridiculous price from klcc...) And then she proceeded to call her father "Derek" until he was forced to answer her. So anyway, now he's Derek. and so he shall be henceforth referred in this blog, as derek is infinitely nicer than "moo".

oh, i bet you're wondering why her name is xina instead of princess josephina right? well i bought some gloxinias last week (gorgeous indoor flowering plant), and brought one to the office, which i named Xina. G happened to be in the office last week, and i introduced her to Xina, whereupon, Gitanjali, consumed with immediate envy, renounced her princesshood, and declared that her name was now Xina, and that the plant is now Princess Josephina. which worked out quite well, b'cos obviously, xina is shorter than p.josephina and its highli unlikely that i need to call the plant, whereas G needs to be called all the time...

Only fault in this whole name change by G is that she can never remember "Xina", so she sidles up to me, and goes, "uhh, mama? what's my name? aah. Xina. Papa, don't call me Gitanjali. i am ...uh... mama, who am i? i forgot...i am zani... no i am xina." LOL... there should be a constant laugh track in my house, cause the insanity never stops. My mum called the other day, and spoke to her, and she told my mum, "i'm very busy. i'm eating poisonous biscuits!" (actually she meant expensive biscuits, but it came out wrong...)

so anyway, suddenly everyone's back from court and the office is noisy... see you soon.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Bloggers United. No Fear

i support them. Do you?

books i've been reading

so anyway, while i fell off the edge of the world in december and disappeared for a bit there, i was reading these books..

1. She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb - lovely. go read it.

2. The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi- hilarious, and at the same time, very real. Karim the nervy (and not nerdy) lead protagonist sounded very like a couple of friends i had when i was younger...

3. Thud(and Where's my Cow) by TerryPratchett -
obviously as a rabid TPratchett fan, i may be slightly biased, but this is as usual for TP, a funny and wonderful book. Loved them both. i refuse to surrender Where's my Cow to Gitanjali, despite the fact that it is a picture book, which just goes to show how rabid i actually am - because these books were gifts from Jeff, and he had inscribed the inside of Where's My Cow in the following insane manner - "To G, love Jeff Mama". i am currently investigating how to erase that without leaving a mark, so any helpful suggestions will be welcome.

4. The Divine Secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood by Rebecca Wells- i liked it. made me want to see the movie, which is usually a good sign

5. Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer - the wonderful thing about my holiday reading this year was that i got to read books by some of my favourite authors. Georgette Heyer enjoys an entire shelf on my library, so i loved it that i got to add this book to my collection. i had never come across it before, and have to say that this story of a sister and brother who masquerade as a brother and sister respectively is one of her best. love it, and shall read it again.

6. Ancestral Vices by Tom Sharpe - I checked my books yesterday and realised that there are only 3 Tom Sharpe books that i don't have yet. He is another favourite of mine, and this book as usual is a gem that you really cannot read in public because of your tendency to laugh hysterically. Certainly the scene in the book where the cranky Lord orders a sucking pig (as in a baby pig still nursing from the sow) for an 8 course dinner, only to be served with a huge wild boar by the chef because the butcher had misheard the order for the meat, and sent a pig had me rolling on the floor... so, this is a dangerous book. read it privately.

7. The Ground beneath her Feet by Salman Rushdie. classic Rushdie but haven't finished it yet because i got sidetracked by the rest of the above. Little bit more. The problem is that when you are reading a rushdie, you can't reasonably read 2 other books at the same time. you get a bit lost... so shall finish it once i finish it. which shall be reasonably soon i expect, since i have Haroun and the Sea of Fish (also by Rushdie) which is also waiting to be read. But ormus cama is calling me in my sleep, and singing. i have to read this one soon, i know it.

8. i'm currently reading A year in Provence by Peter Mayle. makes me hungry i have to say. i love travel books, where the author goes off and spends time in a foreign location and do up an old house and eat and eat and eat - especially when they are well written. i feel like the writer is my friend, and that i am being invited to just pop over and hang out at their place and eat and eat and eat. i loved Extra Virgin: amongst the olive groves of Liguria by Annie Hawes. Lovely book, so i'm sure that i'm going to love this one too, especially since its considered some sort of classic to be compared against every other book of this genre. So if you write a book in this particular genre, and your book is compared to A year in Provence, you know you've done well for yourself. So anyway, i already love it, and i'm only half way.

Now that i read this list, i realise it looks pretty diverse - but actually its not. There is a method to my madness, and the fact is that part of my compulsive personality is that once i like an author, i have this need to collect all his/her books. Hence i have a shelf full of PG Wodehouse, a shelf of G. Heyer, 2 shelves of TPratchett, all but 3 TomSharpes, half a shelf of Rushdie (they're harder to get, what with books being stopped at JB... 3 books of KazuoIshigaro (i just started obsessing about him), 5 of GabrielGarciaMarquez, half a shelf of SpikeMilligan (i've successfully brainwashed my husband, and he thinks that he is collecting them but they are all mine. Mine, mine, mine), and half a shelf of travel books.

Not to mention all those picture books of Gitanjali's which are at least partly mine. i'm just allowing them to sit on her bookshelf. so anyway... can't quite remember where i was going with this logic...

ah, yes. i just wanted you to know that i spent my time well, while i was not blogging. so rest assured. i only went away to improve myself. back now, so be cool.