Friday, November 24, 2006

rumours of my demise

no no, i'm not dead yet. and neither is this blog. it's just that i've been terribly busy being a lawyer and all... suddenly i'm in court all the time, and interviewing clients and preparing agreements and submissions and i don't know what all. so no time to indulge in any kind of brain activity that is not legal. sorry. shall be back in december but for the moment, am just swamped. completely. very unfair, but such is life. i'm good. actually even my nearest and dearest would desist from calling me good. slightly naughty then. law coming out of my ears, but doing alright despite that fact... miss you too.

anyway, just came back from oblivion to give you this public service message:

Trisha n Sasha are having a storewide sale - everything is on at least 20% off, - but if you buy for more than rm100, its 30% off...

so there. now that i have done my duty to mankind, shall catch up with you in december ok...

1 comment:

geetha said...

Thanks for the info on the sale dear. Sahll go check it out. My son loves teh books I got from there :)

Hope you settle everything at work and get back blogging :)