Monday, August 28, 2006

Merdeka Baby

i have to say that i'm viewing the upcoming independance day celebrations with more enthusiasm than i did last year.

probably its b'cos gitanjali keeps shouting "merdeka, medeka" in the most cheerful voice, at the drop of a hat, and she gets all joyful and stuff as soon as she sees a malaysian flag. "Merdeka, Merdeka!!!" "Mummy look, 5 flags. Merdeka". Unbridled Exuberant Joy (all begining with capitals, please note) would be an understatement for her state of mind at the sight of the flag. They are teaching them to wave the flag and march up and down at her school.

i guess this is what they mean by brainwashing the young... Das Kapital and all that. Anyway, so I too, am joyfully exuberant about the fact that we Malaysians are celebrating "Merdeka" and shouting it from the rooftops (or at least from the balcony of my 9th floor apartment, with a joyfully exuberant 3 year old waving a malaysian flag). My mother has also joined in the festivities, and has presented me with a flag to hoist in my 1st floor office. it is some 4 feet tall, and needs a pole, she tells me...

So, while i stand here and ponder on the inexplicable absence of any flag pole in my office, which if i didn't mention it before, is on the 1st floor, Happy Merdeka Baby. Have a fantabulous time, and make sure you get some flags to wave joyfully.

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