Thursday, June 15, 2006

Beware the Sports Day

so much has been going on in my life recently that i've not had the time to update this blog on all of it... and one of the things that i totally forgot to blog about was gitanjali's sports day. her school had a sports day, the saturday before we left for kinabalu, and it was amazing - at least it was for me, b'cos u know - it's just a kindergarten, i never expected a sports day on the level that they had... there were tents overflowing with parents, a march past in which all the kids (except for gitanjali's class) took part, a marching band (!!!), and gold medallions for the kids who participated... it was so cool. so absolutely cool. i kid you not. it's a kindergarten... (Trinity Methodist Kindergarten)... they even had all the kids perform the hand waving dance ( really don't know what this dance is called but its where oodles of kids line up and do some form of waving their hands and bodies up and down).. it was really impressive (in case you haven't figured it out by now). they even sold nasi lemak and ice cream...

it started at about 9am (which is when i was beig impressed) but i have to admit that by 10.30 i was also sweaty and tired. it didn't help that to my utter mortification, i was part of gitanjali's sports event - now a word of advice to other parents and potential parents out there - don't do this. do not take part in your children's sporting events. if they are going to race with a pillow on their head, or with an egg in a spoon or whatever it is that children do at sports days - well and good. admirable even. stand at the side, cheer them on, clap for them and take some photos, but in no circumstances should you allow yourself to be conned (as i was) into being part of the bloody event.

so, the event - i had to stand half way down this field (with 3 other similarly duped moms). huge field by the way. gitanjali and 3 other kids at starting line. whistle goes off, they are supposed to run to us, drink a whole bottle of vitagen (what is that some 200ml? who comes up with these ideas? do you know how long it takes to drink 200 ml of juice? so long ok...), and then both mom and kid are supposed to run to finish line.

of course that's the theory - it probably works in some other kind of galaxy. in reality, in this galaxy, the only thing that went according to plan was that the kids ran to their respective moms - G ran over, hugged me, and proceeded to enjoy her vitagen. she savoured it as only a true vitagen connoisseur would.

she intermittently sat on my knee or walked around me as she enjoyed the breeze, and sight of hundreds of people staring at her ( or the sound of my voice desperately trying to coax her to finish the bloody thing.. 200 ml would you figure...)... the kids to my left and right weren't doing any better, and one ran off a quarter way through the vitagen to the desperate pleas of her mom... anyway, finally she finished her juice, and then..... ran off. in the opposite direction.

in the abso-blooming-lutely the wrong direction. all over the field. with me in hot pursuit.

the sight of me chasing her, apparently made it more fun, b'cos she speeded up and ran away some more if that's possible... sigh.

did i mention that thousands of people were staring at us? all with camcorders and cameras. probably went and submitted it for america's funniest kids or something... probably millions of people have seen the ghastly sight by now... sigh.

did i also mention that i finally caught her, and brought her to get her medallion, and that she ran away again just before they gave her the medallion... don't really want to talk about it anymore. probably shall be traumatised until the next sports day.

oh, did i mention that the word in the stands was that she would have won, but her mom didn't train her properly? did i sigh already? life is difficult for mothers, is all i can say;

(all this time my husband was loitering with kumar behind some tree wondering what to have for breakfast...)

this sad incident aside, the other highlight of the sports day was that i met someone who read my blog... i was just walking around eating my breakfast, and recovering from the debacle, when sham introduced me to someone, who looked at me and said, oh, i've read your blog...

i think the word in the english language that would best describe my reaction would be GGGAArrgghh! it was scary to say the least, to meet an absolute stranger, who knows how you think, how u feel about your life, your child, your husband, yourself really. i felt naked, and yet it was .... how shal i put it.... i really think the best way to say it is GGGAAargggghh!

So now you know. if you happen to meet me, please make sure i'm not eating or drinking anything before you tell me you read my blog... it's for the best really...