Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the gods are smiling on me today, after a short frowning spell. my trial got postponed! Yay!!! feel drained though as have spent the whole week dreading this trial. am suddenly free tomorrow (my trial was supposed to go on the whole of today and tomorrow). felt like escaping from office but here i am, staring at a whole load of work. AAaaaaarrrrggghhhh! i need a break. we are trying to get away on friday. where are we off to, i hear you ask?

it's not very clear at the moment, i must say. initially we were supposed to be off to singapore - night safari and sentosa island and 2 days chilling in kumar's house in JB. then we realised that this weekend is going to be a long weekend in jb as sultan's birthday. it will apparently be a mda house, so whole plan was vetoed. then moo mooted the idea of going to cherating ... yippee, beaches, the sea, seafoood, gitanjali.. suddenly i walk in today, and he's asking whether we should go to penang... koay teow, beaches, shopping...

ugh! its terrible. the thing is i have v. imaginative brain. so the moment, singapore was on the cards, there i was imagining the whole thing, actually enjoying the thought of taking G to the night safari for the first time... the underwater world etc... then i had to erase that thought and visions of a lazy weekend with the sun and sea played in my mind. nobody's too young for the beach and everytime is like the first time (at least it is for me), so off i went thinking of the beach everytime thoughts of today's trial intruded on my brain. suddenly i walk in, and the whole thing derailed and i was told to think of penang.... cis. am not even excited anymore, as god knows what moo will suggest tomorrow.....

shall not think of it till i have to start packing... probably should not think of it till i get in the car.. speaking of which, moo's new car is coming today. ok, so its not new, but new to us, yeah? he's getting a 10 year old bmw 528.

by the way, i have somehow misplaced my phone, so am uncontactable. am in the depths of despair (as i'm sure you can tell). have dark thoughts that gitanjali has kept it in one of her 300 handbags, and has since forgotten about it... so there..

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