Thursday, April 13, 2006

books we are reading now

american gods by neil gaiman - which is so absolutely brilliant. love it - its one of those books which you want to finish as soon as possible, while at the same time, dread finishing, because then it'll be over... like a sumptuously sinfully creamy cheesecake...chilled and soft and luscious on your tongue and beautiful on the plate.... sigh... need one now i think.

i'm also re-reading book one of spike milligan's (one of my all time fav. writers) war memoirs which is called- Hitler and my part in his downfall. its really dangerous to read this one in public - simply b'cos it is soooo hilarious. lunatic and hilarious. nearly got myself cited for contempt of court the other day - was reading it, while waiting for my matter to be called up, and had to turn my laugh into a burst of coughing... v. difficult i can tell you...

gitanjali is reading "Is your mama a llama", which she loves as well as "I love you stinky face", which she adores.

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