Thursday, March 16, 2006

my day with gitanjali

I’ve been on the run the last two weeks, just juggling all my responsibilities. School holidays have started, and suddenly I too have a child on holiday… couldn’t do anything with her Monday and Tuesday as I had a trial. Hung out with her yesterday though, and I must say, we had a nice time. We went to visit my in-laws for breakfast, then went off to an Indian bookshop to get some books for gitanjali and a tamil alphabet poster. Then we came in to the office and indulged in some water colouring after which we had lunch. The whole office (excepting Mehala, pramo and I) went off on a durian excursion… but came back sadly disappointed as there were no durians in bangsar…

gitanjali quote of the day: “its so ie’tating mom. Where did they go – they didn’t tell me where they’re going you know. Its very itating (that “irritating” for the uniniated)”

I’m suddenly “mom” by the way… don’t know whether it’s the influence of school or tv

After lunch we read one of gitanjali’s new books.

Then we went off with moo and kalai to the bmw showroom in sungai besi to buy her papa a bmw. We’ve paid a downpayment for a 10 year old bmw 528, and shall be picking it up next week. Must say its looking v. nice. nice plates… WNsomething 300.

Came back and she had a nap after which we arranged some photos in a new photo frame and learned a little bit of the tamil alphabet. So much for our day yesterday. Sounds mundane but it was fun….


Anonymous said...

Hi Shri

I was wondering if you could let me know which Indian bookshop you visited for Gitanjali's books and Tamil alphabet poster?

Many thanks

shri said...

hi sharon, sorry for late reply. didn't check my mail yje last couple of days... anyway, i got them at Mylon bookshop aka Krishna Book Depot (donno why it has 2 names - one of the mysteries of life obviously) in Brickfields. its opposite KL Sentral, next to Amu's bridal academy. Nice place for religious books...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shri - will check the place out.