Wednesday, February 08, 2006

back home and happy

my apartment is done, and we're back home. Hurrah! my husband and gitanjali are soooo happy to be back home, that i have to smile... we didn't do major renovations - it's just a small flat, but the work that we've done has made it more comfortable. we re-tiled all the bits that were hideously tiled by the developer before and its nice now, i must say. and for some insane reason, we never had a ceiling fan in the hall... only the we went and fixed it as well - 7 1/2 years of living there, and it finally hit us that maybe, living in the tropics and all, we need a fan... what can i say, we're a wacky couple... a little slow, but much cooler now, thank you

have not managed to go visit sham or inarah as gitanjali and i still have runny noses and lots of pleghm. the doc has been very strict and told sham that she must at all costs avoid any kind of infections to inarah's system so we have been on the phone when we can. it's difficult when moo is around as he is some sort of a nut and hates to see me hanging on the phone - even when the issue of cost is not involved. also he has been around all the time. have been feeling slightly claustrophobic i must say. you know, though you may have thought otherwise, its not so easy to work with your live in partner after all - in my case, simply b'cos sometimes i have no privacy. he's there all the time. and he's a jealous partner in the sense that he wants me to himself all the time - i have taken to making plans for myself on those days when he's otherwise occupied. thankfully he has a whole lot of activities that keep him out of my hair enough to let me breath... cis! i sound as if i'm talking about my baby instead of my husband. such is the life of a married woman...