Monday, December 19, 2005

the urge to crash

sometimes when i drive, i look at the other cars, and i have this uncontrollable urge to crash into those cars - to smash them up and see what happens. to hear that sound - the tearing and twisting of metal - that impact - that jolt you get in your heart. just ram my monster truck into as many cars as i can - until my car can go no more...Those days, i get into the office and open up the newspapers and read about the poor dead crash victims, and feel better that i didn't act on that's not that i have a deathwish, you understand. i love my life. i love who i am. where i am. how many people can say that? not many, i can tell you. i don't want to die. not yet anyway. am having too much fun.its just that i think that in another life, i might have been a demolition derby driver. i would have been an excellent one. or a stunt man. woman. that would be great. instead i'm just a woman who loves to drive and the thrill of adrenalin pumping in my veins...i'm married. i have a daughter. she's adorable. he's wonderful. everyone loves me. i'm nice. i have lots of friends. work with my husband. my staff love me. i'm a lawyer and i do some interesting work.i have no secrets. ok, i have a few, but i've shared them with so many people, they probably don't count anymore...certainly nothing i can send to Postsecret....except perhaps for the abovementioned urge to crash...

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geetha said...

Hey, sometimes I have that nutty urge too. Why? I don't know. Very 'geram', I think..

But, luckyly I didn't get that 'geram'! Phew..