Wednesday, December 07, 2005

poor ole me

am so ill. poor baby me... have to go to the doc, will go to the doc, shall be going v. shortly i'm sure...

tried to take the morning off, but G was at me, telling me to get uppp! lettt'ss gooo!!! so got dressed, sent her to my mom's and came into office for some peace and quiet.

she had food poisoning yesterday (horrors!!) - am bad mother apparently for feeding my daughter store bought chicken (my mom, the ever omnipresent one could tell that it was because i had fed her the claypot chicken rice i had cooked, without checking to see if the chicken came with some kind of health dept. clearance (subnote: i tried to explain avian flu to her, but she just went off muttering about feeding street (!!) chicken to babes (!!!)) - what to do?

luckily my pediatrician is an angel - children can get food poisoning simply because they touch something, then eat it... see, i knew it, am only slightly bad mother.... can still be redeemed (at least for a massage chair under bonusslink no?)

i went partying on friday nite!!! YAY! for me!!! YAY! HURRAH!! had such fun. danced and danced and danced. also somehow french kissed ajeet (who's a girl!!!) - sadly it wasn't good for either one of us because it was such a rush job. i donno what happened. she just wanted to kiss me i guess. nowadays i am quite hot you know. did i tell you i went and streaked my hair? am slightly blonde now, and baby, it looks like they have more fun...

also have new glasses. makes me look like the model in a spectacles ad (slightly). v. cool.

so like that lah.

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