Friday, November 25, 2005

life before and after gitanjali


I remember when I used to grab a book everytime I needed to take a pooh.


One of three alternatives take place, whenever I need to take a pooh

1. while G naps, I race into the bathroom, leave the door open (in case she wakes up), and go…;


2. husband distracts G, I race into the bathroom, only to have her pounding on the door and crying, open the door, I want to come inside….;


3. if my husband is out, I leave the door open and go, at which point G wanders in and starts clapping, saying “you’re a clevvver girl. I’m so proud of you…” (she's in the midst of potty training)


mjey said...

I used to do the same at "PRE" its S is on the potty and me going on mine!! Ha ha ha....and the days i dnt want to go..S forces me to sit and go too! i must act out..iyo!!

geetha said...

my, my, my... I didn't know others also had this problem.. same here.. I have to always rush! Daddy gets to go in his own time, while mummy watch the kids.. NOT FAIR!

this includes bathing.. never get to pamper myself in the shower... Washing my hair also have to be planned.. :(

shri said...

isn't it terrible? i totally agree, and once in a while when i sneak off for a massage i feel absolutely guilty...must be an in-built mechanism of motherhood, no? guilt