Wednesday, November 23, 2005

chicken licken saved the day!!!

just a quick note to let you know - i'm ok. it was touch and go for a bit there, but have sorted myself out - the entire universe is not crashing after all.

for a while there, it really seemed like it was going to - but realised that there is always a reason behind every bad thing that happens to me:

in the last one month, i was reminded again and again that-

- i have wonderful wonderful friends who love me so much (how many people can say this? i am truly blessed)

- i love my husband very very much

- my husband loves me more than i love him

- i can contemplate life without him, whereas he can't

- life is good.

so that was nice to know

i am back to being my normal happy self. things are good. gitanjali is talking ever so much. my parents, who had been away in india, have come back. my husband and i seem to have fallen in lust all over again, so am having lots of fun ;P

have managed to clear up all my work, so am sort of free today. was touched by tina's comment today, and felt i had to update this blog. updated the office blog yesterday finally after so long...

my baby has really grown up. it's amazing how fast the last 2 years have flown. as sham's pregnancy gets nearer to term, i am reminded again and again by well wishers that its time for me to get preggers too...

i breastfed G for 21 months - just the thought of another 2 years of no independance is terrifying. v. scary so have been trying not to think of it.

promise to post regular updates here. bye for now... take care

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