Friday, November 25, 2005

life before and after gitanjali


I remember when I used to grab a book everytime I needed to take a pooh.


One of three alternatives take place, whenever I need to take a pooh

1. while G naps, I race into the bathroom, leave the door open (in case she wakes up), and go…;


2. husband distracts G, I race into the bathroom, only to have her pounding on the door and crying, open the door, I want to come inside….;


3. if my husband is out, I leave the door open and go, at which point G wanders in and starts clapping, saying “you’re a clevvver girl. I’m so proud of you…” (she's in the midst of potty training)


i realise that altho' i mentioned gitanjali's playschool here, i didn't actually tell you the story behind finding that school.

sham and i searched for months for a playschool where we could place the kids. since we live in brickfields, we felt that bangsar would be the ideal location to place. then we began hunting. good god! believe me, you will never know how difficult it was...

the thing is that they are so young...gitanjali is only 2 years and 4 months old, whereas alysha turns 3 coming monday... i wanted gitanjali to go to playschool b'cos i feel that as an only child, she misses out on playing with other children her age. we only see alysha during the weekends, during which time, G would be trying her level best to either strangle alysha or twist her head off... for me at this age, school should be about having fun, fun and more fun. she's got years of studying ahead of her and i really don't want her to do that now.

so for me, when i went and checked out the schools in bangsar, i really felt that the element of fun was missing... or if it was there, it was only allowed at intervals...

finally sham and i liked a place - it is a montessori kindy (also in bangsar0 and part of a large chain of montessori kindergartens. sham and i placed both of them in for a trial, and i hated it ... god, it was so obvious that the only sessions that G enjoyed was the recess and the before class period, when she was allowed to run around in the playground!!!

the rest of the time they just sat around and did some montessori work. i hated it b'cos it was so rigid and regimented...

sham and i sat and talked and talked about it - and came to the conclusion that this was not was we wanted at all.

then we decided to give the trinity methodist kindy in jalan gasing a try, b'cos we know some kids who go there - and it was amazing.. i walked in and immediately knew that i liked the feel of it. its based within the church premises and has a sprawling playground and proper classrooms. one of the things i hated about the bangsar kindies was the fact that they are all located in bungalows, with cramped classrooms.

well she's been going there for the last couple of weeks, and she loves it - and i love it as well, so Yay!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

chicken licken saved the day!!!

just a quick note to let you know - i'm ok. it was touch and go for a bit there, but have sorted myself out - the entire universe is not crashing after all.

for a while there, it really seemed like it was going to - but realised that there is always a reason behind every bad thing that happens to me:

in the last one month, i was reminded again and again that-

- i have wonderful wonderful friends who love me so much (how many people can say this? i am truly blessed)

- i love my husband very very much

- my husband loves me more than i love him

- i can contemplate life without him, whereas he can't

- life is good.

so that was nice to know

i am back to being my normal happy self. things are good. gitanjali is talking ever so much. my parents, who had been away in india, have come back. my husband and i seem to have fallen in lust all over again, so am having lots of fun ;P

have managed to clear up all my work, so am sort of free today. was touched by tina's comment today, and felt i had to update this blog. updated the office blog yesterday finally after so long...

my baby has really grown up. it's amazing how fast the last 2 years have flown. as sham's pregnancy gets nearer to term, i am reminded again and again by well wishers that its time for me to get preggers too...

i breastfed G for 21 months - just the thought of another 2 years of no independance is terrifying. v. scary so have been trying not to think of it.

promise to post regular updates here. bye for now... take care