Monday, October 03, 2005

i had a nice weekend. went shopping with gitanjali, sham, alysha and suriani (alysha's kakak/maid) and bought some clothes for the kids. then we took them to semua house and all of us had noodles for lunch (almost all of us - sham and suriani had rice). after lunch we went up to sham's mom's place for a toilet break, then headed home. we got home and padma and mahes were waiting outside the front door. gitanjali modeled all her new clothes for them happily then finally went off to sleep cuddling padma. luckily i don't have low self-esteem because otherwise, this tendency of hers to rush off and find happiness in other people would bug me.

anyway after she slept off, mahes went to meet up with a client and padma and i watched a lovely, lovely movie. Spanglish. have you watched it? go watch it now.

by the time the movie finished mahes and ms had come back. mahes came and cooked dinner and we had a home cooked meal for dinner. v. nice.

yesterday we spent the whole day at home. v. nice as well. overall a v. satisfying weekend.

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Tina said...

agreed, home cook meals are the best! :)