Wednesday, September 07, 2005

good deed

went and did my good deed for the month today. my husband's cousin had delivered a baby boy on sunday, and she called me today morning (just as i dragged myself out of bed and collapsed on the sofa to indulge in a spot of navel gazing) sounding tearful and desperate... apparently the baby had been up at one hour intervals all of yesterday, just feeding and feeding - it didn't help that this poor girl had been in labour for more than 24 hours, and finally had to undergo a c-section.

finally yesterday evening, she couldn't take it anymore and told the nurses to give the baby formula, but she woke up this morning feeling terribly guilty.

why is it that all our human relationships are governed by guilt? and there is no guilt that feels as horrible as that felt by a mother...

i went off to pmc to visit her, and chased away all the visitors in the room, then sat down and taught her to use the breast pump, and helped her to breastfeed. went in with the thought that it was going to be a drop in, demonstrate techniques and leave session, but the poor girl was so relieved to see me, she was hanging on to me, and was so reluctant for me to leave...poor thing.

so anyway, i was a good samaritan today. felt good baby.

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