Thursday, September 08, 2005

elephant in brickfields!!!

really, i swear. there was an elephant trumpeting around in brickfields, and gitanjali got to ride on it.

okay, okay, chill. i'll tell you the story...

once upon a time (or to be precise, yesterday, 7th Sept.), in a land far far away (so what if it was brickfields, just listen to the tale please), a small republic (the repunblic of brickfields to be precise) celebrated vinayagar sathurti (or ganesha sathurti, i.e ganehsa's birthday -it's quite a big deal, but since i'm not with the tourism board, you gotta go lok it up yourself baby).

there was a chariot, and drummer boys and chanters and an ELEPHANT!!! yay!. it was so much of fun. the chariot procession started off at the ganesha temple in brickfields, and the elephant was leading the way. we walked in front of the elephant a bit, and then this gut (who was with the temple committee) asked if gitanjali wanted to have aride. obviously we said yes, so off she went. she happily sat on the elephant's whatchamacallit (box? seat? something?) and off they went - still leading the procession. did not know this was going to happen, so didn't bring camera. obviously, nokia should place an add for camera phones on my blog, as i don't have one...

tried to memorise the look on her face for prosterity, but am such a dingbat will probably forget by next week.

the elephant started dancing and swaying to the music (obviously one of the jacksons) and gitanjali was happily sitting there, not a care in the world.

so we had fun. FUN FUN FUN.....

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