Friday, September 30, 2005

a quack, a honk, an oink and a splash

this year has been a great year for me, book-wise. through sheer luck i believe. such wonderful books i've managed to read this year. cold comfort farm (stella gibbons) was a blast, one hundred years of solitude was magic, the curious incident of the dog at night time was funny and touching at the same time, and the pig in the pond (martin waddell) which i have to read to gitanjali every night is a laugh (and a quack, honk, oink and a splash) a minute...

went to trisha and sasha (children's bookstore in sri hartamas) over lunch, and bought 2 great picture books for gitanjali, a terry pratchett book (diggers) for me, the compulsive spike milligan for my husband (actually its for me, but he doesn't know that and was overjoyed), and a mirriam stoppard pregnancy book for mehala (it was her birthday last week. she loved it, but i created office politics by buying it for her, b'cos apparently i didn't get kavi a pressie for her birthday...there was a big fight...don't ask...). it was all at 30% off - they're having a warehouse sale - so i only spent RM140.00 on all of that... so cheeeeaaap!!!

don't know whether i can go on for much longer without the new terry pratchett book - thud. i've looked everywhere for it, and no one has it yet - i can't even go and get some other pratchett book, b'cos i've got them all. diggers is actually for kids, but i liked the carpet people, so am sure will love it too. am not v. good at waiting obviously. shall try harder.

bought gitanjali a school bag (it's a pink piglet bag - kavi bought it actually. belated birthday present). she loves it and happily lugs it to nursery every morning. i have to get her some clothes for school. sham and i have decided to take the kids tomorrow and go shopping!!!

next week is navarathri (which means 9 nights), and i shall be vegetarian the whole 9 nights. it starts on the 4th. am planning to take gitanjali to the temple daily (this is a plan - don't know whether it is do-able, but shall attempt it) - may also take her for the dandhiya at laxmi narayanan temple. ajeet says she's been before and its nice. am sure gitanjali will love it. shall also ask sham. can just imagine the kids dancing... will be great fun if i can pull it off.

can't believe september is over. tommorow october begins... i'm not ready! i'm not ready! feel like rushing out and telling them to wait first. i'm not ready. hold on. if you locate the pause button, please let me know. need it.

Monday, September 19, 2005


i feel so grown up. my daughter is going to school. never mind the fact that she is all of two years old, and is going to playschool - where literally all she does, is play for three hours - i still feel very grown up about it...

today we turned into the road leading to her school, and she started shouting "school is cooommiing..." she is so excited about school! almost as excited as me i guess...

have pledged to go buy her a school bag today (to carry the following: 2 diapers, a change of clothes, a packet of milk, a snack, her water bottle)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

elephant in brickfields!!!

really, i swear. there was an elephant trumpeting around in brickfields, and gitanjali got to ride on it.

okay, okay, chill. i'll tell you the story...

once upon a time (or to be precise, yesterday, 7th Sept.), in a land far far away (so what if it was brickfields, just listen to the tale please), a small republic (the repunblic of brickfields to be precise) celebrated vinayagar sathurti (or ganesha sathurti, i.e ganehsa's birthday -it's quite a big deal, but since i'm not with the tourism board, you gotta go lok it up yourself baby).

there was a chariot, and drummer boys and chanters and an ELEPHANT!!! yay!. it was so much of fun. the chariot procession started off at the ganesha temple in brickfields, and the elephant was leading the way. we walked in front of the elephant a bit, and then this gut (who was with the temple committee) asked if gitanjali wanted to have aride. obviously we said yes, so off she went. she happily sat on the elephant's whatchamacallit (box? seat? something?) and off they went - still leading the procession. did not know this was going to happen, so didn't bring camera. obviously, nokia should place an add for camera phones on my blog, as i don't have one...

tried to memorise the look on her face for prosterity, but am such a dingbat will probably forget by next week.

the elephant started dancing and swaying to the music (obviously one of the jacksons) and gitanjali was happily sitting there, not a care in the world.

so we had fun. FUN FUN FUN.....

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

good deed

went and did my good deed for the month today. my husband's cousin had delivered a baby boy on sunday, and she called me today morning (just as i dragged myself out of bed and collapsed on the sofa to indulge in a spot of navel gazing) sounding tearful and desperate... apparently the baby had been up at one hour intervals all of yesterday, just feeding and feeding - it didn't help that this poor girl had been in labour for more than 24 hours, and finally had to undergo a c-section.

finally yesterday evening, she couldn't take it anymore and told the nurses to give the baby formula, but she woke up this morning feeling terribly guilty.

why is it that all our human relationships are governed by guilt? and there is no guilt that feels as horrible as that felt by a mother...

i went off to pmc to visit her, and chased away all the visitors in the room, then sat down and taught her to use the breast pump, and helped her to breastfeed. went in with the thought that it was going to be a drop in, demonstrate techniques and leave session, but the poor girl was so relieved to see me, she was hanging on to me, and was so reluctant for me to leave...poor thing.

so anyway, i was a good samaritan today. felt good baby.