Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Merdeka! Merdeka!

it's merdeka tomorrow...i see so many cars driving around with flags and i wonder, does it make me less patriotic that i don't want to spoil the paint job on my monster truck by sticking a plastic flag holder on it?

i don't think so. feel less patriotic anyway everytime i think about umno and the malay agenda. when will we be able to say that we are malaysians? when i was studying in the uk, my friends and i always told people we are malaysians, but now back in this country, every transaction i do is preceded by a form asking me whether i am malay, chinese, indian or other..whether i want to buy a car or apply for a credit card or redeem some points on my loyalty card, i have to tell them my race. i'm a malaysian init? but the forms don't have a box for malaysian...every thing is racial but we are told that to bring up the race issue is seditious. all the major political parties have a criteria that you must belong to that racial demographic first. wonder which party you join if your mother is chinese, your father is punjabi and you marry a malay...

it was different in the sixties and seventies you know...there was more racial tolerance i feel. my parents had more of a racial mix then than now.

anyway, happy merdeka! be patriotic. don't be depressed

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