Thursday, July 07, 2005

am back for short visit

realise that i have been neglecting my public. can't remember when i last posted anything here. surprisingly i still have a public. somebody visits me everyday from the us...amazing. its just that i am so busy and in between i seem to be the only one keeping the office blog running that i hardly think of this little baby.

life has been pretty much routine around here. have attempted to inject some life into it by:

putting in new bookshelves at home, and rearranging my books. feel a deep sense of satisfaction that i have so many books. realise after doing this that i truly am some kind of obsessive possesive personality. the fact that i own things makes me happy. the fact that its mine, mine, mine, AAHAHAHAHA!!!!! have always been like that but have fooled people around me who misguidedly believe that i am a generous person... feel really strange when i realise that gitanjali is exactly the same. she goes around declaring "This gitanjali's, mine" and she thumps herself on the chest (ala tarzan) as well while she's saying it. everyone looks at her, and says its so typical of an only child, but i know that it's me.

have also gone and bought two pots of petunias, which are hanging off the balcony, waiting for some really windy day, when they will be swept off and brain someone below...they are gorgeous. one is a deep purple and the other is fucshia pink (really donno how to spell it - every variation looks wrong. fuchsia. so wrong).

planning to highlight my hair ( going to try the bimbo look again. works for me)

piercing gitanjali's ears. poor baby is now in pain, b'cos skin peeled off...feel terrible about it, but what to do? tis what being a woman is all about. might as well do it now. But really, i truly feel awful about it. what to do? she needs earrings...anyway, i go on like this in my head for the better part of the day, but scarcely feel better about it..

Sham's pregnancy initially motivated me into attempting to get pregnant, but good god! am totally demoralised by the way she is suffering. Suddenly remember that for the first 3 months of my pregnancy i was totally and completely useless. used to come into the office and sleep on the mattress on the floor, with my phone next to me. used to only get up to eat or throw up or both or to take urgent calls from despairing clients. How to go through that again? am finally back to svelte body (okay, so svelte is an exaggeration, but have always wanted to be svelte. this is my blog, so i can very well be svelte if i want to be...). have nice independant woman once more. can consume alcohol again (do you know if i get pregnant, it will be 27 months of no alcohol? aaarghhhh!!!). have been clubbing occassionally. can sleep through the night....

i really don't know whether i can do this. will keep you posted....

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