Thursday, June 09, 2005


certain days, i wonder what and who i would be, if i wasn't who i am now? if i had not done law, if i had not married my hubby, if i didn't have the friends i do, who would i be?

i've always been someone who took the safe road. not because i was scared of the other path, but simply because by nature i am lazy. it's fatiguing to be a rebel - and i've always been too comfortable to prick my own bubble. luckily for me my little bubble has always been floated along by sweetest of breezes, away from the thorny bushes and far far away from the dramas of poverty and hardship.

i've never had to wait for anything i've wanted. always been loved. always been comfortable. always been happy.

i always wanted to do something different - take a sabbatical and spend a year backpacking in europe or india. run away to france. work for a non-profit organisation educating the poor in africa.

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