Monday, June 06, 2005

eternal sunshine

it's really quite in the office today. shall i do any work at all? its a moot question that requires deep thought...hmmm? tomorrow is the last day of my vegetarian fast, following my grandma's demise. there's prayers in my mum's place, and i have a new saree. am not quite sure whether this is the right attitude to have...after all, my grandma passed away a month ago. shouldn't this be a sober affair where we remember her and pray for her? is it right that i, her favourite granddaughter (i was you know) should have a new saree for the prayers? Definitely yes i think. my grandma liked to dress me up...i shall look pretty for her. gitanjali shall also look pretty for her atta.
sometimes i feel like i'm a cheer-upper. you know. some one other people rely on to cheer them up. a cheer leader for my friends. perhaps that's why i have so many friends. some of them call me only when they are down. not when they are deep in the hole i think, but when they are trying to come out of the hole. can't really explain. its good i guess, except sometimes when its not...

last week i was a little down. not depressed but just down, you know? even i have routine down days (for maintenance etc). the entire office couldn't take it and everyone bugged me and bugged me to cheer up. its not like there's a switch, is it, that i can turn off at will? but not many people get that with me. i'm eternal sunshine. i love that title - eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. that's me.

anyway i told them that i'm entitled to one off day every 3 years (b'cos mehala claimed that hse's worked with me for 2 1/2 years and not seen me like that). was back to myself by friday, so don't worry.

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