Monday, May 16, 2005

watermelons ahoy!!!

Got into office this morning and discovered (or remembered rather) that I am on some new toxic removal diet. Fruits all day. In any way. Felt really fat on Friday, which was why I agreed to go on this diet in the first place. It’s a group effort so can’t back out now. Mehala has however just told me that it can’t be whatever fruit I feel like eating. I have to restrict it to one fruit. Can you imagine? We started off with watermelons… cannot imagine eating just watermelons all day. Shall pretend I didn’t hear what mae said, and eat all fruits. Wonder if can eat rojak …probably they will kill me. Also I am vegetarian to mourn atta’s passing. One month of vegetarianism, coupled with a whole day of watermelons….can do the vegetarian thing, but the melon thingy is a bit iffy if you ask me..

There’s a whole schedule too – tomorrow its’ vegetables and fruits, third day a baked potato…shall live today and tomorrow for that potato I guess. The only comfort is that Ms is on it too, so I won’t be tortured by him eating while I am meloning.

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Shamira said...

hahaha! cant belive you would fall for something like that! You KNOW that it wouldnt work. At teast the British Heart Foundation Diet lets you have sausages and ice cream. But then, I guess its really fun doing something stupid together.