Tuesday, May 03, 2005

tuesday with sri

just caught up on sham's blog for the last week. started to cry and had to hide in bathroom. ok now. i love her, and she loves me. its just that sometimes life is complicated. guess that's the beauty of blogging. i would never have known that she was so upset last tuesday if not for that...
left a message there for her on her blog.

someday i must write about all my friends so that u can get to know them. not today tho' as it is a chaotic mad day. whole office happy to see us. they miss the noise, konon. obviously they missed me. am wearing my new black tie pants (from bali), orange top (an old low cut one that sham and i both have and bought at the same time), new silver dashyat earrings (from bali), new ring (surprise present from moo from bali), new slingbag (from bali) and of course braided hair.

am so in love with bag that have been walking around all day with it. the girls are scolding me and calling me a nut, but i love it. love it. love it.

love my earrings. love them.
just walking around all day. did not do any work at all. am going to Times warehouse sale with mehala and kavitha at 5pm sharp. sharp. kavitha has just come and ordered me. 5pm sharp. shall have to finish this by then.

my hair is itchy. shall unbraid it tomorrow. madhavi looked really ill in the morning, and then at lunch time she showed me a spot on her arm. looked at it in horror and checked her bag, and guess what? she's got chicken pox. diagnosed her in a juffy, and packed her off. she has strict instructions not to turn up for 2 weeks...

shan the darling (our attachment student from UM) has been transformed into receptionist. poor thing. suspect the girls are bullying him, but too in love with bag to bother. shall think about it tomorrow.

its not 5 yet.

gave everybody their presents (they loved it). put ganesha and pot (which we bought for the office) in their places. looks great. shaki called to ask how the trip was. it was nice talking to her, but don't really connect with her anymore. feel she's in a different place. wonder if sham feels that way about me... aaarghhh!!

sometimes i feel it would be too much to ask of her, to go out with me, when she is already striving to find time to spend with suben... and then when gitanjali and alysha get together, there's no way we can have a conversation. had to whack sham on sunday to get her to listen to the fact that my glasses are broken. in between trying to hug alysha into unconsciousness, gitanjali was trying to climb all over sham.

its 5. have to go.

later, tomorrow.

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Shamira said...

So glad you dropped by yesterday. Although half the time was saving alysha from gitanjali.

We should do this more often. Just drop by each others place.

Ya, maybe we are now in different places but some parts do overlap and I think thats the part we need to maintain, if not grow.

Love you