Thursday, May 05, 2005

my monster truck

it's big. it's black. it's a 2.8l rexton. it's my monster, and i love it. have discovered that i am vain, and egoistic - otherwise i would be happy with a teeny weenie car right? am not that person. can never drive a kancil.

i loved my satria - used to be a speed demon with it. now cannot be speed demon, b'cos monster too big, but am happy squishing other cars on the road. they don't mess with me and my monster...i hate it when i have to drive my husband's old beemer. it's ok, but 20 years old, and no match to my monster. am a vainpot. cannot deny it anymore. you know those horrible people who dominate the road. i'm one of them. today the road, tomorrow the world. a-hahahahaha!!!! !! (note the multiple exclamation marks) aha ahahahaaahaaa!!!!!!

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