Wednesday, May 25, 2005

have had a really succesful day of no work...its amazing what you can do if you set your mind to it. have been pretending to be busy all day. plus gitanjali is in the office today (parents had to go out), so busy trying to stop her from destroying fixtures and fittings.

she put on her black jeans today, and walked around saying "cho cute" to herself (lol). its nice to have a girl, i must say.

have returned back to one hundred nights of solitude and am so hooked. why did it take me so long to find this book? why why, tell me why (old anita mui song i think...)

probably as yoda would say, "ready, i was not".

i need to buy a lightsaber. need it now, but everyone's telling me it won't be the real thing!!!!

you reckon? it saddens me to think that the people of jusco and toys r us might be cheating millions of children by selling them plastic light sabers...anyway shall go look. it is on my shopping list this week.

am devastated to find out (from sham's blog) that shamira is not star wars fan...she has cunningly hidden this from me...hownow? still love her, but cannot be held responsible if i suddenly poke her with my light saber (which i will buy)...

it feels like the calm after a violent storm around here..why you may ask? b'cos the G has gone to sleep the sleep of angels...

we interrupt this post for a short Gitanjali commercial break

she's really fun, but extremely tiring. being extremely independant, she doesn't like me to crowd her. she likes to do her own thing, knowing that i am somewhere in the vicinity. occassionally she comes over and does the affectionate thingy, and is all hugs and kisses, but usually she is one rowdy who is trying to do everything at the same. yesterday she had a big fight with ms b'cos he was trying to hug me. she was clinging on to me possessively and crying "this mama mine!" (LOL) so cute. i have to admit it was nice..

back to the post

oops, its tea time so have to go.


Shamira said...

thats so cute. I remember Alysha used to do the same until she gave up, I think, coz papa hugs mama all the time :)

mjey said...

hope you don't find me the way you write...just dropped by as I read sham's blog.

and I think gitanjali is so much like shaveena...FULL OF ENERGY..and yes its great having a girl...

shri said...

hey mjey, just checked out the cool censorship on your blog baby. neatly done, but have to confess, have resolved never to tell my hubby about this blog.