Wednesday, May 18, 2005

the gods made heavy metal

'tis a wonderful morning, and i feel good. so let me enlighten you on the full Sri package. all the perks and benefits, as well as the disadvantages... nolah, my post will be too long, so let me tell you about my current fav.

books i am currently reading...mmm, i am one of those people who read 2 to 3 books at any one time...don't know why, i guess its just that i have different moods throughout the day, so i have different books to suit my varied appetite... so anyway, i am currently reading one hundred years of solitude by gabriel garcia marquez (which i have been dying to read for a long time, but have been unable to locate till now), and some other book called the great fire by sheila hazzard ( i picked this up from a book sale the other day). will keep you posted with my reviews

what have i just finished reading?
cold comfort farm - simply hilarious, but in a subtle kind of know how some people tell you jokes with a straight face, well this is that kind of book. its by stella gibbons. if you can find it, read it.

booty nomad - another hilarious book, but in a very loud way. there are victoria's secret mannequins, a lovable hero who is trying to recover from a breakup with his girlfriend of 2 years, fart stories, soup (don't ask). i think they're making a movie of it. its by scott mebus - time pass you know? it was fun.

music i am currently listening to...
this morning i put on some manowar - "the gods made heavy metal, and they saw that it was good, they said to play it louder than hell and we promised that we would..." i love that song, but gitanjali didn't think too much of it. she kept asking me for brown girl in the ring (tra la la lala) boney m. her current favourite, along with smoke on the water (deep purple) - i think its b'cos of the guitar riff, but she adores it, and keeps asking me for "water, water" (that's what she calls it) - first time she asked me for it, i thought she was thirsty...(lol). please understand, b'cos they are her fav. songs, i have to listen to them at least 5 times daily... on the ride to my parents place (where i drop her in teh mornings), and on the ride back (when i pick her up)

i am also listening to main yahaan (veer zara), and raa raa (from chandramukhi)

more later...

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