Wednesday, May 25, 2005

have had a really succesful day of no work...its amazing what you can do if you set your mind to it. have been pretending to be busy all day. plus gitanjali is in the office today (parents had to go out), so busy trying to stop her from destroying fixtures and fittings.

she put on her black jeans today, and walked around saying "cho cute" to herself (lol). its nice to have a girl, i must say.

have returned back to one hundred nights of solitude and am so hooked. why did it take me so long to find this book? why why, tell me why (old anita mui song i think...)

probably as yoda would say, "ready, i was not".

i need to buy a lightsaber. need it now, but everyone's telling me it won't be the real thing!!!!

you reckon? it saddens me to think that the people of jusco and toys r us might be cheating millions of children by selling them plastic light sabers...anyway shall go look. it is on my shopping list this week.

am devastated to find out (from sham's blog) that shamira is not star wars fan...she has cunningly hidden this from me...hownow? still love her, but cannot be held responsible if i suddenly poke her with my light saber (which i will buy)...

it feels like the calm after a violent storm around here..why you may ask? b'cos the G has gone to sleep the sleep of angels...

we interrupt this post for a short Gitanjali commercial break

she's really fun, but extremely tiring. being extremely independant, she doesn't like me to crowd her. she likes to do her own thing, knowing that i am somewhere in the vicinity. occassionally she comes over and does the affectionate thingy, and is all hugs and kisses, but usually she is one rowdy who is trying to do everything at the same. yesterday she had a big fight with ms b'cos he was trying to hug me. she was clinging on to me possessively and crying "this mama mine!" (LOL) so cute. i have to admit it was nice..

back to the post

oops, its tea time so have to go.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

am i a short hair person?

testing out my new haircut today. don't know whether its me....apparently i've lost my glamour look, b'cos of new hair cut. was v. impressed that i used to have glamour look. ahh well. it'll grow in 2 months...

did not read anything the whole weekend, unless you can count owl babies, and this is the bear that fell in the bin... i wouldn't if i were you, though owl babies is pretty wonderful.

have a new handbag and white shirts. sham and i dashed to sec. 14 while the kids had their afternoon nap yesterday...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

the gods made heavy metal

'tis a wonderful morning, and i feel good. so let me enlighten you on the full Sri package. all the perks and benefits, as well as the disadvantages... nolah, my post will be too long, so let me tell you about my current fav.

books i am currently reading...mmm, i am one of those people who read 2 to 3 books at any one time...don't know why, i guess its just that i have different moods throughout the day, so i have different books to suit my varied appetite... so anyway, i am currently reading one hundred years of solitude by gabriel garcia marquez (which i have been dying to read for a long time, but have been unable to locate till now), and some other book called the great fire by sheila hazzard ( i picked this up from a book sale the other day). will keep you posted with my reviews

what have i just finished reading?
cold comfort farm - simply hilarious, but in a subtle kind of know how some people tell you jokes with a straight face, well this is that kind of book. its by stella gibbons. if you can find it, read it.

booty nomad - another hilarious book, but in a very loud way. there are victoria's secret mannequins, a lovable hero who is trying to recover from a breakup with his girlfriend of 2 years, fart stories, soup (don't ask). i think they're making a movie of it. its by scott mebus - time pass you know? it was fun.

music i am currently listening to...
this morning i put on some manowar - "the gods made heavy metal, and they saw that it was good, they said to play it louder than hell and we promised that we would..." i love that song, but gitanjali didn't think too much of it. she kept asking me for brown girl in the ring (tra la la lala) boney m. her current favourite, along with smoke on the water (deep purple) - i think its b'cos of the guitar riff, but she adores it, and keeps asking me for "water, water" (that's what she calls it) - first time she asked me for it, i thought she was thirsty...(lol). please understand, b'cos they are her fav. songs, i have to listen to them at least 5 times daily... on the ride to my parents place (where i drop her in teh mornings), and on the ride back (when i pick her up)

i am also listening to main yahaan (veer zara), and raa raa (from chandramukhi)

more later...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

down with the melons!!!

have ditched the watermelons, but decided to keep the resolution to lose some weight, so am on a veg, fruit and protein diet. v. healthy...

feel good this morning. am going to have a happy day, i can tell. i am wearing my new white pants (who knew i could carry off white pants...) have to finish off my shopping by the end of this week, as otherwise i might spend all my wardrobe money... if i didn't tell you, i was given RM2500.00 to replenish my terrible wardrobe. clothers for court, a suit for court, a handbag, shoes, and spectacles (which gitanjali broke. tally so far, have sorted out contacts and specs, bought the shoes, one white shirt, one black skirt, 3 happening pants (one of which i am wearing now), and a paint suit. apparently metro is on sale this weekend, so shall go off and get the rest of it. have cleared out my existing wardrobe and will attempt to give the clothes away, failing which will go and donate to some charity...

i have gotten a little addicted to this i must say, this blogging.... the thing is the rest of my office is too busy to update the office blog, so i end up doing that as well, so its a little time consuming. somehow, i end up blogging there more than here. i guess its b'cos that's a shared blog, and more people read it, as opposed to this one, which for now is too personal for me to reveal to people i know...

shall blog a little more later today, but have to go and pretend to do some work now.

ta, Sri

Monday, May 16, 2005

watermelons ahoy!!!

Got into office this morning and discovered (or remembered rather) that I am on some new toxic removal diet. Fruits all day. In any way. Felt really fat on Friday, which was why I agreed to go on this diet in the first place. It’s a group effort so can’t back out now. Mehala has however just told me that it can’t be whatever fruit I feel like eating. I have to restrict it to one fruit. Can you imagine? We started off with watermelons… cannot imagine eating just watermelons all day. Shall pretend I didn’t hear what mae said, and eat all fruits. Wonder if can eat rojak …probably they will kill me. Also I am vegetarian to mourn atta’s passing. One month of vegetarianism, coupled with a whole day of watermelons….can do the vegetarian thing, but the melon thingy is a bit iffy if you ask me..

There’s a whole schedule too – tomorrow its’ vegetables and fruits, third day a baked potato…shall live today and tomorrow for that potato I guess. The only comfort is that Ms is on it too, so I won’t be tortured by him eating while I am meloning.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

my monster truck

it's big. it's black. it's a 2.8l rexton. it's my monster, and i love it. have discovered that i am vain, and egoistic - otherwise i would be happy with a teeny weenie car right? am not that person. can never drive a kancil.

i loved my satria - used to be a speed demon with it. now cannot be speed demon, b'cos monster too big, but am happy squishing other cars on the road. they don't mess with me and my monster...i hate it when i have to drive my husband's old beemer. it's ok, but 20 years old, and no match to my monster. am a vainpot. cannot deny it anymore. you know those horrible people who dominate the road. i'm one of them. today the road, tomorrow the world. a-hahahahaha!!!! !! (note the multiple exclamation marks) aha ahahahaaahaaa!!!!!!

escape from car park

i’m in a good mood today. Went to court in the morning for a mention. Denmark House. Was before Tuan Edwin P. Have noted a distressing tendency on my part to forget pronouns in my sentences. Shall strive to do better.

The roads were pretty clear, and managed to get to court by 9.10. He only ever starts at 9.15am, so I was pretty early. The car park was full so I headed upstairs to the building car park. Was halfway up in my monster truck before I realised I don’t have glasses, and this was probably not a good plan. Too late to back off tho’, so drove all the way up praying that I wouldn’t scrape the car. Off all the car parks i know, this is the one that's most obviously been designed by a drunk idiot who bought his degree from a non-existent university somewhere in ktoing-ktoing. either that or he is some agent of the devil out to gather new souls for his collection (just imagine how many people drive up and down this bloody thing every day cursing...). did not scrape car on way up. praise be to all guardian angels of car park users everywhere...

I am such a nitwit. Got to the court toilets and realised that I am still carrying my bohemian bali handbag, and am wearing dangly earrings (from bali). As if this was not enough, I am (to add to my personal style), also wearing black boots (simply b’cos they are the only shoes I own - you are shocked I can tell. Shall tell u more about this later), and my checked light blue shirt (don’t panic. Its very light, and the checks are v. small. It’s practically white, but it isn’t - if you know what I mean). Removed earrings, and folded up handbag. So much better already. Anyway its only Edwin. He’s a sweetie, and highly unlikely to throw me out purely b’cos am wearing light blue shirt (which is practically white anyway)…

He did not throw me out at all. Finished my matter, and bought some people I hardly know, except for Ai Ting (who used to work with Ajeet) breakfast. Felt very rich and generous doing it.

Nearly had a heart attack on the way out. Its a bloody narrow tunnel, and for special effects, (in case you were not worried already), you can see all the marks on the wall where your predecessors have scraped their cars. Successfully escaped from the bloody place without scraping monster truck. Have I told you about my monster truck? Shall tell you about it next time…

Came to office, put on music, looked at guna’s flowers (he sent us flowers you know. V. sweet of him), and then called guna to tell him sad news that they are appealing (they are, you know)… turns out he’s on the way over. He’s heer now and wants to buy us lunch…am off for lunch now like big successful lawyer that I am..

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

tuesday with sri

just caught up on sham's blog for the last week. started to cry and had to hide in bathroom. ok now. i love her, and she loves me. its just that sometimes life is complicated. guess that's the beauty of blogging. i would never have known that she was so upset last tuesday if not for that...
left a message there for her on her blog.

someday i must write about all my friends so that u can get to know them. not today tho' as it is a chaotic mad day. whole office happy to see us. they miss the noise, konon. obviously they missed me. am wearing my new black tie pants (from bali), orange top (an old low cut one that sham and i both have and bought at the same time), new silver dashyat earrings (from bali), new ring (surprise present from moo from bali), new slingbag (from bali) and of course braided hair.

am so in love with bag that have been walking around all day with it. the girls are scolding me and calling me a nut, but i love it. love it. love it.

love my earrings. love them.
just walking around all day. did not do any work at all. am going to Times warehouse sale with mehala and kavitha at 5pm sharp. sharp. kavitha has just come and ordered me. 5pm sharp. shall have to finish this by then.

my hair is itchy. shall unbraid it tomorrow. madhavi looked really ill in the morning, and then at lunch time she showed me a spot on her arm. looked at it in horror and checked her bag, and guess what? she's got chicken pox. diagnosed her in a juffy, and packed her off. she has strict instructions not to turn up for 2 weeks...

shan the darling (our attachment student from UM) has been transformed into receptionist. poor thing. suspect the girls are bullying him, but too in love with bag to bother. shall think about it tomorrow.

its not 5 yet.

gave everybody their presents (they loved it). put ganesha and pot (which we bought for the office) in their places. looks great. shaki called to ask how the trip was. it was nice talking to her, but don't really connect with her anymore. feel she's in a different place. wonder if sham feels that way about me... aaarghhh!!

sometimes i feel it would be too much to ask of her, to go out with me, when she is already striving to find time to spend with suben... and then when gitanjali and alysha get together, there's no way we can have a conversation. had to whack sham on sunday to get her to listen to the fact that my glasses are broken. in between trying to hug alysha into unconsciousness, gitanjali was trying to climb all over sham.

its 5. have to go.

later, tomorrow.

i have returned...

oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day... have returned from bali, refreshed and rejuvenated. am still slightly high i think... i loved it. we all did. moo had a great time, so much so that we have vowed to return and also to make office trip next year. gitanjali had so much fun...

We had so much fun!!! (multiple excalamation marks – a sure sign of a disordered brain). Bali was (in no particular order) wonderful, temples, ginger tea, shopping, gitanjali, dokar rides, stone elephants, snake, bats, buffet breakfast, barong, hard rock hotel, aeroplanes, “sayang”, bargaining (“can get anything at least 50% off” ms is king of bargaining – at least so he says), tanah lot (!!!!), volcano, strong winds, padi terraces, wonderful (oops said that before. shall say it again), earrings, pasta, planet hollywood, arak attack, arak madu, bali hai, warong made, narrow lanes, spa, massages, flower baths, gentle people (how colonial of me to say that, but its’ true), makciks everywhere, Doggies (gitanjali’s Sandra Boynton book – woof woof), handbags, sarongs, green locks, wood craft, gitanjali, ganeshas, waves, beaches, sunsets, temples at every junction, black and white sarongs around statues, bhima and arjuna, flowers in wooden pots, lovely, Australians, Japanese, Balinese, hindus, agong, bacon, beachside radio station (in a van, no less), system of a down, fantastic music, beautiful, hair plaiting, manicure, pedicure, temporary tattoos, hats, nachos, monkeys, tega lalang, fabulous…

bought presents for everyone. owl babies for gitanjali (one) and alysha (two). after we bought them, we went next door (to another shop) and they had 3 owl babies and the mother! (sigh) too late right?) very sad. next time.

shall blog more later as being bombarded by kavi and mehala on details of trip. anticipate more gushing....