Thursday, April 21, 2005

just Shri

how exciting. my first blog. feel like running around telling everyone, then realise this would defeat whole purpose.

am having a v. good morning. no nescafe. trying to break away from caffeine as of today. pleased to report no side effects as yet. feel like having a cup tho'. how now?

obviously cannot be doing this now, as accountant/auditor on the way to office to discuss taxes with me. should be sorting out stuff. will do it in a minute. am in love with song from veer zara - main yahaan hoon - torturing whole office by playing it again and again. it is as if udit is singing to my soul...

woke up in the morning to find ms (mu husband) snoring away after late night out. woke gitanjali up, and we painted his nailes pink. also put on bindi for him, but he woke up before we could do make up. never mind. he has no idea where remover is, so is stuck with pink nails... hee hee

gave gitanjali cereal for breakfast. she is wearing blue chinese pajama (alysha's hand me down), and looking cute. two clips in hair - walking around saying "pretty girl"... she's so adorable. love her sooooo much.

dropped her off in old klang road (my parent's place). she ran off to feed the fish, but gave me big hug and kiss first. forgot to wear perfume, so sprayed my mum's white linen (estee lauder).. have obviously overdosed it, its killing me now.

ran away before mum could comment on dress. why, why? am so old... am mother to child. ms and whole office love dress. why not my mother?

ok. shall run off and be responsible partner now. accountant ringing bell obviously.
shall return soon tho' this may be my one and only blog on this site. forgot what my user name is, after processing it 3 million times. must try to recall it for next time.

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